European Forum

of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

“Towards welcoming and affirming Christian communities”: Albano Laziale and Rome will host the Conference in 2018


The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups and the organizing team led by the Italian LGBT Christian association Cammini di Speranza, are delighted to announce that the next annual conference of the European Forum will take place in Albano Laziale and Rome, Italy, on 9–13 May 2018.

“Towards welcoming and affirming Christian communities” will be the title of the conference. In fact, this is a time when LGBT Christians exiting the catacombs become part of their Christian communities equal in dignity to the other sisters and brothers. This experience of inclusion can be seen as an example for welcoming and affirming attitudes to diversity in general. And such attitudes are also valuable in regards to LGBT refugees and other migrants that seek a better future in Europe.

The conference will be marked by Christian fraternity, spiritual growth, moments of prayer, ecumenical exchange and links between faith and social development. The conference programme will take place almost entirely in workshops in Albano Laziale, except for Saturday 12 May for the ecumenical celebration in a place of worship in Rome.

The Female/Male/Trans* Pre-Conferences will start on 9 May 2018 and the main conference will begin on 10 May. More details on the programme will be published upon availability.

Registration is open starting 21 December 2017. [UPD, 30 March 2018: registration temporarily closed due to the exhaustion of the venue's accommodation capacity. New places might become available after Easter. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.]

Agape Fund: Ensuring that countries and member groups are represented at the Forum conferences and the AGM

The economic differences within Europe are significant. Sending a delegate to the annual conferences and casting the group’s vote at the AGM means spending money on travel and conference fees. In some parts of Europe, the economic situation makes it unlikely that groups and individuals manage to raise the necessary funds among themselves. It is important for the Forum that representation is not restricted to the affluent. The Agape Fund helps to mitigate the differences.

We encourage you to donate to this fund. Your donations can go to the European Forum's bank account that you find on the Donations page of our website. Please, give “Agape Fund” as the reference. You will also be able to donate to the Agape Fund during your online registration for the conference in Albano/Rome.

NB: In order to apply for Agape Fund support, please fill the general registration form and answer the Agape-related questions. Agape Fund accepts applications until 9 February 2018 only