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2012 ReconcilingWorks, Washington DC, USA 2012 - My reflections on cooperation

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Reflections on cooperation

My reflections on cooperation (so far) (which I also shared with different people at ReconcilingWorks), and what we can learn from ReconcilingWorks:

  • We can work closer towards different church bodies and international organizations. If we can send a press release on a certain cause together, it is a much stronger signal than if we do it separately. EF should encourage ReconcilingWorks to join us in South Korea in 2013. We should also work together towards ILGA.
  • ReconcilingWorks is trying to reach out to South-America. EF is an umbrella organization with member groups all over Europe. We can therefore help them with some of the cultural challenges that rise when you are working in countries, with different languages and cultures.
  • ReconcilingWorks can be a partner on some of our projects, like our East European Summer School. We know the people and the situation, and they have stronger organization, with staff and stable funding. With RecolcilingWorks on the boat, we might have bigger chances to get funding for our important activities.
  • ReconcilingWorks has some good recourses we can get inspiration from, for instance on Why marriage matters and anti bulling. We should make something similar and share in our different organizations and countries.
  • One of the needs of LGBT-christians in many European countries, is the possibility  to get some theological training, and become leaders in their local community. This is something I believe we need to continue to focus on, and ReconcilingWorks can probably contribute with both knowledge, people and theology. Also progressive Western-European Theological Faculties can contribute, with scholarships and training.
  • They have a great program, called Reconciling in Christ: RIC-program. I believe that this is something that could work in Norway. Probably this is something many of our member groups in Europe, and our cause and people, could benefit from.
  • We are together in this work. If we reach out to each others, and support each other’s, we are stronger. Together we can build alliances to slowly get a LGBT Christian World Forum, with an impact throughout the world.