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2012 ReconcilingWorks, Washington DC, USA 2012 - Highlights from the conference

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Highlights from the conference

Both bisexuals and transgendered have their representative on the board, and during the conference, TransLutherans was established. I believe this last happening is an important step of making transgendered more integrated into the LGBT-community. This is surely something we need to work on in the EF and in most of the EF member groups.

Logo ReconcilingWorks 2012It was a true blessing to meet another international guest at the conference: the Anglican Bishop Christopher Senyonjo from Uganda. Together with him, I was speaking at a workshop on Addressing Reconciliation and the Intersection of Oppression on a Global Basis. He lost his job because of his advocacy and support for LGBT. We should all search for such wholehearted people, and pray that we will find them. They can really mean the difference, both to the LGBT community and to the church in general. He and the President of the St. Paul´s Fundation for International Reconciliation, Rev. Canon Albert J. Ogle, showed the movie “Call me Kuchu”. It is about David Kato, the first openly gay man in Uganda that was murdered in January 2011. If you have not seen it, you should. In this film, you really see – and feel - the difference between a hostile and a reconciling church. Bishop Christopher and Albert Ogle is someone we can work together with in the struggle for a more reconciling Church and societies.

ReconcilingWorks had their first impressive lobbying day on Capitol Hill. All the participants met their state representative in the Congress (Parliament), and they told their representatives why they should work for full participation of LGBT in society – and that also means marriage. We can truly learn from our bold sisters in the west.

ReconcilingWorks is taking steps to become a more international organization. The question is how they should do it, and what they should work with. They will start an internal dialogue on this subject in the near future. We should join them in this discussion. Key questions: What do EF need from ReconcilingWorks. What do they need from us? How can we work better together? How can we learn from each others?