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of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups

2012 ReconcilingWorks, Washington DC, USA 2012 - Greetings from the European Forum

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Greetings from the European Forum

During the business sessions, I had the privilege to greet ReconcilingWorks. This is what I said on behalf of the European Forum:

Dear Friends and blessed Children of God.
I bring with me the joy and sorrows, tears and laughter of your friends in Europe. I and we are thankful that we are allies in this work for reconciliation and full participation. LGBT-rights, are human rights. And we live in a complex time concerning our rights. In Europe we experience countries taking huge steps towards full inclusion and recognition of LGBT both in society and church. Sadly, we also see the opposite: Countries moving backwards: Russia, The Ukraine, Lithuania and Moldova are some of them. This affect us and our people.
You are in our prayers. We are thankful that also we are in your prayers. Pray that hearts and minds of the people in power and with influence in society will be touched by The Holy Spirit, so that they can see and understand what has been revealed to us.
It is with joy I come here to your community. It is with joy that I experience being church together with you. We are a church and a people without borders - our existence and our cooperation is a visible sign of this.
Friends, The Holy Sprit is moving, and the light has won over darkness. Dawn is coming. Let us continue telling our stories, and carry the light to the church, the LGBT-community and the world. Let us continue supporting each others in this work, and let us find new ways that can strengthen our relationship across the ocean.
God bless us all. Thank you.