“1st Global Forum of the People of God” by the GCN

The book “1st Global Forum of the People of God”, edited by François Becker from the Global Council Network (GCN), presents an overview of the preparation, the content and the follow-up of the gathering of delegates of Catholic reform groups, which came together for the “First Global Forum of the People of God. Towards a Church Inspired by the Gospel for the World”. The event took place in Rome from 20 to 22 November 2015 in the frame of the Council 50 process.

Council 50 (now the Global Council Network, GCN) is a network process that contributes to answer key global questions of Pope Francis by giving the people of God the opportunity to express their views on these questions, to make explicit the “sensum fidelium / sensus fidei” that is one of the key aspects of the theological thoughts of Pope Francis. It gives the opportunity to communities, movements, groups, associations, and parishes, which during the last 50 years worldwide made germinating seeds sowed by the Council Vatican II and developing new practices, to give their point of view onto the reforms inspired by the Gospel and the spirit of the Council Vatican II to be implemented in the Church.

This book is an online file that can be shared widely in two versions: